Solution #3 – I can’t stay consistent… (Workout Motivation Tips)

Hello everyone,

First off to those who are reading these posts thank you and I hope there is added value in the information that I am providing.

Starting off I have to say that lack of consistency by far RANKS up there at the top with “I have no time”.   Why is it so hard to stay consistent with a new fitness habit?  That is the question that I am going to answer and hopefully provide a few tips and tricks to solve.

#1.   Lack of desire :  First and foremost, the #1 cause of moving another task in the way of your gym time would be that you really don’t want the results that bad.  Come on lets face it, if I was to tell you that I would give you $1,000,000 dollars if you worked out 6 days a week for 3 months, would you complete the task?!  UH YEAH!!!  But wait I thought you said you have a problem with consistency….or is it really that you don’t want the results that bad.

#2.  You do have the desire but a busy life:   So you get to the gym here and there but life seems to get in the way.   Is your only reason that you cant get in the gym because you have to handle other business or errands?   What happens when you get home?  What about knocking out a quick work out video, or jogging around the block, or doing some push-ups?   Doing something to keep the consistency going is better than not doing any thing and breaking your habit.  Eventually you will reach your goal.  Just don’t do NOTHING.

#3.  Get a coach to motivate you:  maybe you need to get someone to get you in the gym or hitting the weights for 30-60 days straight. If you actually make it 60 days then there is a good chance a habit will be formed and you can keep the ball rolling.

#4.  STOP THINKING AND JUST GO DO IT!  – take the energy you put in to beating yourself up for not being consistent and put it in to being creative on fun ways to fit in the needed time to maintain the right habits.



“Workout motivation tips – Solution Series #3”



  1. Great tips, I just signed up for 5 training sessions, that will get me to the gym, because it costs me money… Motivation

    • That is a good start, I believe from what I heard that statistically if you maintain a workout habit for 60 days the odds of the consistency continuing is really high. However, those who never reach at least 2 months of activity usually don’t continue.

      Another good tip is to find a few “at home” workout videos to do that you can substitute when time does not allow driving to the gym. That way you will be able to keep up the streak to reach your goals.

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