Solution # 4 – “I’m Lazy” – (Workout Motivation Tips)

The first thing that I usually respond with is “Thank you”, which I always get back a, “What?”.

The reason for the thank you is that when someone says,  they don’t want to do anything because they are lazy, I’ll take that as an honest person telling me that they really have NO DESIRE whatsoever to accomplish anything.  Which in that case I can move on and find those who really want to move forward.

One item to note though is, due to the negative effects of the slight edge principle, doing nothing for your fitness might not hurt you today or tomorrow or even next month.  But, 5 and 10 years from now the compounding effects of NO ACTION, will compound upon itself and leave one wondering….”what if I just did something daily for my health, would I be in a healthier state today”

Remember folks the time is going to pass whether we like it or not.  I recommend a daily 30 minute to an hour burst of some form of physical activity that will compound it self in the years to come.

If you are still to lazy to do even a little bit, then you are the only one that can help you.


– Workout Motivation Tips – 21 days of solutions


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