Solution #5 – “I need a workout partner to keep on track” (Workout Motivation Tips)

“C’MON ONE MORE REP”, yells your workout partner as you push that bench press up one more time…


I hear time and time again that once a workout partner flakes out, or schedules change the individual I was helping out in the gym just fades out and stops attending.

So what is the “Solution” to keeping the excitement and momentum alive when the ever so needed “workout partner” quits on you!!??

Here are some tips:

  • SMITH MACHINE:  this machine has the bar on guided rails with safety clips at 6-10 inch intervals.  You can safely lift heavy and to failure even heavy max weight.  Lift until you can’t lift any more and simply turn the bar to clip the arms on the closest rung.  This machine can eliminate the need to always have someone with you to assist in the heavy lifts.  (BTW – in the next few Blogs posts I’ll do some of the lifts to show you and post to youtube).  You can work on the SMITH MACHINE with squats as well.
  • MUSIC:  if you need someone there to pump you up and have a hard time motivating yourself to do those last few hard reps.  Make sure to have some high pace music with you to push you past your comfort zone and to get that last rep in.
  • MEET NEW PEOPLE:  It never huts to ask someone new to spot you?  Heck if you are a guy, find a cute girl to give you a spot??!!  A little EGO motivation always helps to get in a few last IMPRESSIVE reps.  Just don’t push it too hard.  Ladies, you might want to find a few classes to attend in the event you partner flakes.  That way you have a few back up plans in the event you don’t want to hit the weight floor solo.
  • Last but not least – TAKE OWNERSHIP – you do not need a work out partner to succeed.  The true burning desire to avoid pain and move toward reward or pleasure comes from within.  If you REALLY need a workout partner to stay focused, then what that tells me is that you really need to work on your INTERNAL REASONS for getting into a fitness habit in the first place.

Find that passion within and you will never have to rely on the passion of others to move you towards your goals.


– Workout Motivation Tips – 21 days of solutions



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