Solution #6 – “I don’t like working out when it’s too hot of too cold” (Workout Motivation Tips)

Yes, I can relate.  When the thermostat says 104 degrees or 20 degrees  it can be a bit tough to get motivated to hit the weights or go for a run.   It can be even worse on a super hot day when you don’t have AC in your house or car and you have to drive to the gym.  The opposite is true as well for rainy weather and the super cold weather.   To make for simple reading, here are a few bullet points to battling the temps.

“The HEAT”

  • Run at night, even the temp is around the 70-80’s you can still put a wet towel around your neck and hit the pavement
  • The GYM should have AC, so you will be good there.  Make sure to park in the shade if possible to avoid getting back in your super hot car.
  • SWIM!! What a great way to beat the heat and stay fit. Find a nice pool and start the laps.

“The COLD”

  • Day or night it is cold, and if you like to run then you are going to feel the chill.  Buy some of those hand warmers and get some ear covering.  There is nothing worse than having them ears get cold.
  • Bundle up pre-gym, and have all your workout close under neath.  Get the workout started and gradually strip down the layers until you are all warmed up.

So yes this is not exactly MIND BLOWING advice that will change your whole workout routine.  But, I have seen the weather hold people back.

Please contribute a few of your ideas or fun things you do to “Beat the Heat” and “Fight the Freeze”…


Solution #6 – “I don’t like working out when it’s too hot of too cold” (Workout Motivation Tips)


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