What is “REALLY” inside of you….

I remember long ago at the turn of  age 18 when I took my first step in the gym.  It was a summer day and I had no idea the path that I was about to embark upon.   Little did I know “Why” I was there in the first place.  All I knew was…hey lets get some big muscles, so I thought.  As the years progressed on, I developed a strong desire to achieve results, a desire that I still at the time could not pin point.

It wasn’t until one night where I found out that my “Ambition” was deeply rooted to the “PAIN” of being small in my younger years and getting picked on a lot in school.  WOW…a subconscious motivating movement away from pain propelling me to greatness?  Could I be so lucky?

Have you ever found yourself being motivated by an unseen force?  Have you ever seen yourself held back by a mental block or fear?

The quest of, “WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO“, is a journey into the very fabric of our being, to uncover the personal driving factors that can have  a very strong grip on behavior.  When this, “Movement away from pain”, or “Intense desire for pleasure” is uncovered…harness it into positive movement forward!!!   Don’t lull in the pain or dream about the great possible feelings.

Here is a example of the Motivation time line that I have experienced over the last 12 years…maybe it may help you out.

I have evaluated my behavior in these stages over the past 12 years:

  1. Beginner, insecure, driven by pain, pulled to look good in front of others
  2. Intermediate, gaining confidence, driven by pain, pulled by pleasure of getting HUGE
  3. Competent, confident, driven to maintain health, pulled to acquire peak performance
  4. Experienced, secure with who I am, creating the be me possible (no more comparing), driven to help others..

Sit back and evaluate your “WHY”…what are you running from, what is pulling you forward…OR…have someone light a FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS and NOT GIVE YOU THE WATER TO PUT IT OUT!!!

Wow I even learned a few things about myself just writing this post..

– Jon