Growth and Goals

The topic of growth vs goals is a great point of discussion and here is why.

Most of us go through life with some big goals, get a job, house, cool car, get married, “be successful” and for most of us we achieve these goals. 

Then what?  What do we do once we achieve these goals?  Do we set new ones? Do we brag, boast and show off our new found success?  Or do we just chill and enjoy life, totally unaware that if new goals are not set we will slowly start to become unfulfilled.

I have gone through all of the above scenarios.  I set goals, missed goals, hit goals, celebrated, and also chilled and did not set new ones.  Still I found something missing.   

That missing piece is GROWTH! This may be one of the most hidden and elusive of all successful mindsets.  When one comes to the conclusion that life is all about Growth, our focus shifts from “DESTINATION BASED” goals to “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” based goals.

Our goals in Health and Fitness need to also align with growth based goals.  This allows for the focus to shift back to life long continuous improvement and not just getting a 6-Pack for summer.

Focus on getting better every day, improving everyday, looking ahead 5-10 years and aligning life long growth based goals.  

Small successful habit compounded daily leads to amazing results throughout your entire life.  This is all possible when a GROWTH BASED mindset is applied.
Apply this mindset to your life and watch your perspective, attitude and behavior change for the better.



90 Days of Effort After a 2yr Break…. #TheCompoundEffect

Do you believe 90 days can make a difference in your life?  For some reason 90 days sounds sooo much easier than 3 months.

I decided to get started back into a fitness habit after taking a 2 yr break.  Previous to my 2 yr break I had lifted weights and ate well for 12 years.  I vowed to never quit but I did take a break and boy was it tough to “RE-START”.  So I made the choice to take it a day at a time and get a little help from The Herbalife 24 Supplement Product Line.  

So now 90 days later and results have arrived. 

Next goal get stronger (all body weight excersises by the way) and empower others that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!! 

“If you want to change your life, CHAGE YOUR LIFE”

“If you do something, SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN”