Solution #6 – “I don’t like working out when it’s too hot of too cold” (Workout Motivation Tips)

Yes, I can relate.  When the thermostat says 104 degrees or 20 degrees  it can be a bit tough to get motivated to hit the weights or go for a run.   It can be even worse on a super hot day when you don’t have AC in your house or car and you have to drive to the gym.  The opposite is true as well for rainy weather and the super cold weather.   To make for simple reading, here are a few bullet points to battling the temps.

“The HEAT”

  • Run at night, even the temp is around the 70-80’s you can still put a wet towel around your neck and hit the pavement
  • The GYM should have AC, so you will be good there.  Make sure to park in the shade if possible to avoid getting back in your super hot car.
  • SWIM!! What a great way to beat the heat and stay fit. Find a nice pool and start the laps.

“The COLD”

  • Day or night it is cold, and if you like to run then you are going to feel the chill.  Buy some of those hand warmers and get some ear covering.  There is nothing worse than having them ears get cold.
  • Bundle up pre-gym, and have all your workout close under neath.  Get the workout started and gradually strip down the layers until you are all warmed up.

So yes this is not exactly MIND BLOWING advice that will change your whole workout routine.  But, I have seen the weather hold people back.

Please contribute a few of your ideas or fun things you do to “Beat the Heat” and “Fight the Freeze”…


Solution #6 – “I don’t like working out when it’s too hot of too cold” (Workout Motivation Tips)


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Solution #5 – “I need a workout partner to keep on track” (Workout Motivation Tips)

“C’MON ONE MORE REP”, yells your workout partner as you push that bench press up one more time…


I hear time and time again that once a workout partner flakes out, or schedules change the individual I was helping out in the gym just fades out and stops attending.

So what is the “Solution” to keeping the excitement and momentum alive when the ever so needed “workout partner” quits on you!!??

Here are some tips:

  • SMITH MACHINE:  this machine has the bar on guided rails with safety clips at 6-10 inch intervals.  You can safely lift heavy and to failure even heavy max weight.  Lift until you can’t lift any more and simply turn the bar to clip the arms on the closest rung.  This machine can eliminate the need to always have someone with you to assist in the heavy lifts.  (BTW – in the next few Blogs posts I’ll do some of the lifts to show you and post to youtube).  You can work on the SMITH MACHINE with squats as well.
  • MUSIC:  if you need someone there to pump you up and have a hard time motivating yourself to do those last few hard reps.  Make sure to have some high pace music with you to push you past your comfort zone and to get that last rep in.
  • MEET NEW PEOPLE:  It never huts to ask someone new to spot you?  Heck if you are a guy, find a cute girl to give you a spot??!!  A little EGO motivation always helps to get in a few last IMPRESSIVE reps.  Just don’t push it too hard.  Ladies, you might want to find a few classes to attend in the event you partner flakes.  That way you have a few back up plans in the event you don’t want to hit the weight floor solo.
  • Last but not least – TAKE OWNERSHIP – you do not need a work out partner to succeed.  The true burning desire to avoid pain and move toward reward or pleasure comes from within.  If you REALLY need a workout partner to stay focused, then what that tells me is that you really need to work on your INTERNAL REASONS for getting into a fitness habit in the first place.

Find that passion within and you will never have to rely on the passion of others to move you towards your goals.


– Workout Motivation Tips – 21 days of solutions

Solution # 4 – “I’m Lazy” – (Workout Motivation Tips)

The first thing that I usually respond with is “Thank you”, which I always get back a, “What?”.

The reason for the thank you is that when someone says,  they don’t want to do anything because they are lazy, I’ll take that as an honest person telling me that they really have NO DESIRE whatsoever to accomplish anything.  Which in that case I can move on and find those who really want to move forward.

One item to note though is, due to the negative effects of the slight edge principle, doing nothing for your fitness might not hurt you today or tomorrow or even next month.  But, 5 and 10 years from now the compounding effects of NO ACTION, will compound upon itself and leave one wondering….”what if I just did something daily for my health, would I be in a healthier state today”

Remember folks the time is going to pass whether we like it or not.  I recommend a daily 30 minute to an hour burst of some form of physical activity that will compound it self in the years to come.

If you are still to lazy to do even a little bit, then you are the only one that can help you.


– Workout Motivation Tips – 21 days of solutions

Solution #3 – I can’t stay consistent… (Workout Motivation Tips)

Hello everyone,

First off to those who are reading these posts thank you and I hope there is added value in the information that I am providing.

Starting off I have to say that lack of consistency by far RANKS up there at the top with “I have no time”.   Why is it so hard to stay consistent with a new fitness habit?  That is the question that I am going to answer and hopefully provide a few tips and tricks to solve.

#1.   Lack of desire :  First and foremost, the #1 cause of moving another task in the way of your gym time would be that you really don’t want the results that bad.  Come on lets face it, if I was to tell you that I would give you $1,000,000 dollars if you worked out 6 days a week for 3 months, would you complete the task?!  UH YEAH!!!  But wait I thought you said you have a problem with consistency….or is it really that you don’t want the results that bad.

#2.  You do have the desire but a busy life:   So you get to the gym here and there but life seems to get in the way.   Is your only reason that you cant get in the gym because you have to handle other business or errands?   What happens when you get home?  What about knocking out a quick work out video, or jogging around the block, or doing some push-ups?   Doing something to keep the consistency going is better than not doing any thing and breaking your habit.  Eventually you will reach your goal.  Just don’t do NOTHING.

#3.  Get a coach to motivate you:  maybe you need to get someone to get you in the gym or hitting the weights for 30-60 days straight. If you actually make it 60 days then there is a good chance a habit will be formed and you can keep the ball rolling.

#4.  STOP THINKING AND JUST GO DO IT!  – take the energy you put in to beating yourself up for not being consistent and put it in to being creative on fun ways to fit in the needed time to maintain the right habits.



“Workout motivation tips – Solution Series #3”

Solution #2 – I am already a sexy beast, I don’t need to workout…

Ok, so you may already be gifted with an incredible physique.  How lucky are you? Uh,Very…  The question is, are you really going to just take it for granted that because of your genetics, a fitness habit should get pushed to the back burner?  That is for you to decide…

Here are a few items to consider to the contrary: (BTW I am not a PT or doctor so please consult a professional, as the below are just recommendations)

1.  General health – find out what level of physical activity is required to keep your heart healthy just general body over all.  Kind of a good idea, since general health is always a good thing.

2.  The rare “Hike when on vacation” or “Huge steps to climb  when the elevator shuts down”.  What are you going to do when a random event occurs in your life that requires physical activity beyond your daily “non-workout” life style.  I can tell from experience is quite embarrassing to look fit on the outside and entirely un-fit  (is that a word), on the inside.  For sure those events can be wake up calls.

Especially when the random snowboarding or wake boarding outing presents itself.  Wow talk about a wake up call when out on the water or on the slopes and your body is DONE!  Let’s not even count the SORENESS the next day..

3.  The slight edge effect:  maybe right now you are totally in shape.  However, there is a potential for the weight to creep up on you like a sneaky cat…then bam you look down, when did I gain 10 LBS?  Hence how about some small effort taken daily or every other day that at least maintains your incredible body.

4.  All in all this post is for the rare few.  For those who this applies, I highly recommend watching out for  #2….


“Workout motivation tips – Solution Series #2”

Solution #1 – “I don’t have enough time”

Probably the most over used excuse in the world for not allocating focus to your fitness.  Because of this wildly used excuse I think it deserves a little breaking down…

1.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  Like a big suitcase,  some are better at packing that “daily suitcase” with their to-do lists that others.  So for beginners I don’t want to hear that you don’t have enough time.  At least make the excuse that you have other priorities “packed” that are currently taking the place of your workout time.

2.  “Try to focus on the solution and not the problem”, instead of telling your brain and everyone else that you have no time to work out.  Why not say to your self, “how can I fit in 30 minutes today for my health, fitness of muscle building”.  BE CREATIVE if that is what it takes.  The answer will magically appear.

3.  Wake up early or stay up late.  Get up and hour early if you can swing it or stay up an hour later.  There is always empty time at the beginning and end of each day.

4.  The truth…..what “I don’t have time”, really means is that your goals, health, or fitness routine is REALLY NOT THAT IMPORTANT to YOU.  So lets make it important and get in to ACTION.  Everyday’s effort small or large compounds upon itself , you are either compounding in a upward motion or downward motion….there in NO IN BETWEEN.  Choose compound up!

5.  Example:  I had a busy day yesterday and really didn’t have a ton of energy when I got home, BUT I went to the gym and knocked out a quick 30 minute workout.  As I was leaving a guy pulled me aside and said “man that was fast”.  I replied, “I have a lot to do today, but there is NO EXCUSE why I can’t get in to ACTION, if only for 30 minutes”.

So all in all, please catch yourself if you ever use the excuse, “I HAVE NO TIME TO WORKOUT”….because we all know it is not the real reason.   Now get out there and succeed.


“Workout motivation tips – Solution Series #1”